Cozumel ATV Tour

ATV Tour

Explore Jade Cavern, the hidden jungle, and abandoned rock quarries on your own off-road vehicle with a Cozumel ATV Tour!

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ATV Tour Overview

Cozumel ATV TourOverview

Experience a Cozumel ATV Tour you will never forget. Why? because we give you the off road 4WD experience you desire, PLUS you get to see (and swim) in the famous Jade Cavern! Kick up some dust in the abandoned rock quarry with this atv jungle tour. 

The occasional mud puddle might throw you a challenge but isn’t that what your looking for? 

When you and your party are done with your cozumel atv tour, everyone will head back to the starting point (San Francisco Beach Club) where you can enjoy free (Fajita or tacos) and 2 drinks. 

Get off the “beaten path” and see parts of the island only the lucky ones who dare get to enjoy.

Don’t get stuck on a boring beach, this is your chance to make memories that will last a lifetime with the person (or people) you love the most.

 If you want something more exciting than parasailing… Book your Cozumel ATV Tour Now and enjoy the piece of mind 100% Money Back Guaranteed. 

Difficulty Level

Active - Strenous

Great for Families, Adults & Children 13+

Who's It For


See ATV Tours In Action!

See ATV Tours In Action!

Group 1525
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ATV Tour

/ per person
  • Beach Club Access
  • Free Meal
  • Safety Gear
  • 2 Free Drinks
  • Professional Photo

ATV Adventure Details

ATV riding in Cozumel Mexico is must! It’s for those of you who crave exploration, fun and adventure! It’s Incredibly fun and mildly challenging each hill, rock wall and mud pit will leave you wanting more.  

It’s here in the jungle of cozumel on your personal 4 wheeler where you discover exactly what your made of deep in the hidden beautify of the island.

What I will see during my atv adventure?

Also known as an Cozumel ATV Jungle Tour you can expect to see the dense forests of Cozumel’s heat. The 4WD vehicles are noisy and determine wildlife.


 You will have the opportunity to see the abandonded blasting quarry. This is very open space where you can up the throttle and really go fast. At the cenote (Jade Cavern) the Coati are very friendly and will come up to you for food.

ATV Tour Duration

Our ATV Excursion will last approx 90 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time for your to get wild and explore and still do other activities. 


 Our off-road tour length is approx 60 minutes. From the time we leave on our ATV to the time of return including instruction time and debrief you can expect a total time of 90-miuntes.

What should I wear on atv tour?

 We highly encourage closed toed shoes. ATV rentals in cozumel are fast paced, on uneven terrain and often wet. You can expect get dirty, sweaty and possibly muddy.. so we highly recommend light clothing. 


A shirt, shorts, and sturdy shoes will be fine. If you plan to swim during your stop to Jade Cavern we recommend a swim suit. If you are wearing a swimming suit we suggest putting something over it.

➤ Sunglasses
➤ Sunscreen (reef Friendly)
➤ Hat (optional) proof bag)
➤ Face Scarf (optional)
➤ Go Pro

During your Cozumel off road adventure we will be traveling through the jungle, on paved roads, through dusty paths, up and down hills. It’s physically strenuous similar to Jetskiing. Leaving the San Francisco beach club we strap on helmets, and hit the paved roads of Cozumel. After 4 miles of city streets we go off road. You can expect to get a little muddy from puddles, the trails will be dusty. Don’t wear clothes you don’t want to sweat in or get dirty.

Our Cozumel atv tours typically drive around 14 miles round trip. From SFBC through the jungle onward to Jade Cavern and back you can expect a total of 14 miles.

Jade Cavern is the largest of all the Cenotes on the island of Cozumel. It is a large swimmable body of water publicly accessible with a entrance fee.

This activity is not recommended for guests with pre-existing medical conditions such as cardiac arrest or any other serious medical condition. Guest must consider their physical fitness level. ATV tours in Cozumel are can be fun for the entire family but we want to make sure our guest safe.

We provide transportation from the cruise terminal for parties 5 people and larger. Getting to your atv tour is easy via local taxi from the cruise ship port for less than $25.

ATV rentals in cozumel are not very common. When you rent a atv you can explore the island on your own. City streets and jungle but it is NOT guided or recommended for tourists. Atv tours however are supervised and guided by a local native. They know the ways of the land and best places to take you for the most memorable experience. We highly encourage you to be safe and opt for atv tour instead of a rental.

100% Money Back Guarantee

No BS, No Fees, No Policies – That’s a promise!

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Fees, No Policies, No BS – That’s a promise!

ATV Tour FAQ`s

ATV Tour FAQ`s

What is the minimum age for a Cozumel ATV Tour?

Customers must be at least 10 years old to do a off-road atv tour in cozumel

Is there a place to store my belongings?

Yes, we have lockers on site to safely put your belongs while you ride!

Do i need experience to ride the atv?

You don't need any ATV experience to do book and enjoy a Cozumel ATV Tour. Each tour includes a safety briefing and demo of how to safely operate the machine.

Can i have a passenger on my atv?

Unfortunately we do not allow passengers on atv's. Each person will have their own personal All-Terrain Vehicle to explore with. There is a exception for small children.

Do i need a license for ATV tours in Cozumel

No, there is no license required to participate in a cozumel atv tour!

What can I expect?

Off road tours in Cozumel travel through the jungle on dusty trails. You can expect it to be dusty, hills, turns and tons of fun!

Are ATV's in cozumel Automatic?

Yes, our atvs used for the tour are automatic. They are very easy to drive just squeeze the throttle.

Can I bring my phone or camera with me?

Absolutely if you like!

What our customers say

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