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Cozumel ATV Tours- The Basics


ozumel Mexico is traditionally known for epic Snorkel Tours, but rising in popularity are a different type of activity that includes inland and jungle and off the beaten path experiences. These hot new expeditions are Cozumel ATV Tours or sometimes called  ATV Jungle Tours.

By the end of this blog you will know everything from prices of the excursions, to what makes them so popular. . I’ll cover what an ATV ( All Terrain Vehicle) is and who these off road adventures are best for. 

What is an ATV?

Okay, let’s start with the basics. ATV is short for All Terrain Vehicle. Technically it’s any off road vehicles with 4 wheels, but most people think of a 4-wheeler or quad as an ATV. An ATV is a single person gas powered vehicle capable of handling most types of terrain other than paved roads. In Cozumel you can expect your ATV to look like this. 

It will have a throttle (gas) you control with your right thumb and front and rear hand brakes. After you get it started and in gear it’s just gas and braking that you need to worry about. Don’t worry we cover How to drive an ATV in Cozumel in another blog. 

Cost of ATV Tours in Cozumel

The prices of ATV Excursions in Cozumel is $65 on average. You can expect to pay slightly less or more depending on the provider and what your excursion consists of. For example, our Guided ATV Adventure will take you on a ride into the jungle of Cozumel, into El Cedral before reaching the hidden cent of Cozumel for a price of $75/person. You definitely can find cheaper tours though but those tend to have less highlights. 

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It was one of it’s kind experience for me and my friends. From ATV tours into the jungle to the food and everything else, we had the best time of our lives.

Why Choose an ATV Tour

 ATV tours have become a very high demand activity in Cozumel because they are among the list of family friendly things to do in Cozumel, they take 60 to 90 minutes to complete, and are the best way to see a different side of Cozumel that few people get to experience. Cozumel is known for the best snorkeling excursions in the world, but most travelers are seeking a new experience other than the traditional stuff like parasailing. They want to be in control of how wild the ride gets. Travelers want to decide how slow or fast they go in a four wheeler excursion in Cozumel does that. Speaking of speed, I’m sure you’re curious so let’s move on.

How Fast Do The ATV's Go

The ATV’s in Cozumel all go about the same maximum speed of 35 mph (72km/hr). Trust me when I say this is plenty fast, especially since it’s just you on top of the engine riding on four wheels with nothing to protect you besides a helmet. Most of your Cozumel ATV adventure will be in the jungle of the island, up and down hills and turns, so high speeds will be possible. 

How long is an Off-Road Tour

Most tourist excursions take 60 to 90 minutes of actual riding time. Another thing that makes these four wheeler tours in Cozumel so popular is the fact they don’t take long at all and can usually be fit in cruise ship times. Instruction and safety briefing is short, but we cover the basics in our ATV rental etiquette blog.

What is an ATV Tour

You have the option in Cozumel to experience an ATV by taking a tour or renting an ATV. We cover the differences in Cozumel ATV rentals versus tours. A tour is a professionally guided group tour of one single person altering vehicles around the island via public streets and private off-road ATV trails. excursion providers each have their preferred routes customers experience at Jet Ski Cozumel. We take you into the abandoned rock quarry, to Cozumel’s only cenote for super cool photos, and then a fun ride through the jungle.

ATV Tour Summary

These off-road adventures are an exciting new option for couples and families. They are short, easy, and lots of fun. Consider adding one to your vacation. Before you book your tour, get more familiar with the island with our Is Cozumel Safe Article or join our email list to get tips you won’t find anywhere else

How big are the ATV's?

Our ATV's and the most common ATV's are single riders. They are fairly small, just enough for 1 person to drive and be comfortable. 

What is the minimum age to drive an ATV?

This depends on the company you book with, but typically the minimum age to drive in Cozumel is 16.

What is the weight limit?

The limit on most ATV's in Cozumel is 350 pounds.

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